Saturday, February 12, 2011


So. . .I have been telling everyone that I want to marry Trenton (my cousin) and the other day Buggy decided she wanted to marry him too! Oooo. . .this really upset me! "He was my first pick!" Mama asked me why I wanted to marry him and I told her because he's the perfect boyfriend and he's nice to me. And he is just so silly. Buggy kept nagging me that she was going to marry him too and finally I had it. I yelled to her, "Kaylee! You are ruining my life!" Mama didn't like that beary much. . .she made me sit on my bed for a longer time and then I had to apologize to Buggy and give her a hug.

When we got to Trenton's house that night to watch some BIG football game that Dadddy was excited about. . .which is weird because it didn't look like he was having fun. . .he kept yelling at the TV and had a mean face on. He did smile and giggle a few times with uncle Casey. . . uncle Casey gets kinda crazy too. . .football is funny. My other cousin told me that Buggy and I couldn't marry Trenton because our babies would have 2 heads. Oh dear. I said that's ok I will take good care of them. (my 2-headed babies)

- sister sue

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