Friday, October 14, 2016

hello again

It's been too long. I feel the need to continue the journey of recorded bits and pieces of the wonderful and wacky shiz-nizzle my 3 little girly squrrilies say and do. 

It's Hilar. 
It's Totes Adorbs. 
It's Soups Cute. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Roosters Observation

"Hey Mom did you know somethin'? Water goes down into your belly and then it turns to pee. That's silly."

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Buggy's birth discovery

Kaylee found pictures of her birth and there was one of my placenta in there...oops. She exclaimed, "Mom! What is that?!" I explained to her what that was and how she lived there for 9 months. Then she said,

"Whoa house was way small."

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sister Sue's Tooth.

Last night Tristan pulled a tooth. She was so excited for the Tooth Fairy to come. She ran upstairs and enclosed her little bloody bicuspid in a Ziplock bag with a note. 

"Dear Tooth Fairy, can you draw a picture of you?" - Love Tristan. 

No coins or candy. Just a simple hand written portrait...Adorbs. And the little flying fairy did just that, but she also left some pink pixie dust behind. The girls were so excited. They took turns sprinkling the glittering dust onto each others heads. Then they walked all over the house wide eyed and in amazement as they declared:

"Mom! I feel lighter! I can jump farther!" (Kaylee leaps across the room)

Thank you TF for the magical gift and memory you gave my curly girlies. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mother-Daughter Date.

Had the Funniest Mother Daughter Date Ever!!!  The girls and I bought some baby receiving blankets to donate to the hospital. We toured the big rose garden outside the entrance and smelled more than a dozen blooms. And they had to giggle and point at all the naked stone statues. "Oh look at this one! Her bum's huge!" Then I gave them a tour of the big beautiful hospital. They loved the Chapel and wrote out their prayers on sheets provided. Tristan then stood over the floor vent which was running at full blast. With her scraggly brown hair rising up as if she stuck her finger in a light socket and shaking her body about, sang out, "Oh save me Jesus!" I tried not to chuckle as I reminded her to be respectful.  We made our blanket delivery and the nurses were so thankful. The girls smiled with pride. We then rode to Chik-Fil-A for a large ice dream cone. But on the way the girls perfected their fart imitations and we laughed so hard... like I thought I might run off the rode. Kaylee kept hitting her head on the window and Tristan nearly stopped breathing. After trying to order through the drive-thru with a 'toot-n-giggle' soundtrack in the background, we were on our way home when the ice cream faces began. With their tongues and fingers they made all sorts of funny eyes and mouths. Each time dancing their cone about singing "Who can make the sunrise?" The Candy Man song from Willy Wonka. I think we all hyperventilated numerous times due to the pure hilarity of our ice cream face exchange. We took our game home to the front yard where I image a few neighbors wondered what the Hay Feather we were doing. Then Kaylee says she has a really great melting creamy face to show. We all had to wait for her to turn around and when she did she announced in a very professional deep voice, "Laaadies and Gentlebutts! May I have your attention please!"  I lost it. Freaking funny!  And shortly after that she wanted to suprize me yet again and instructed me not to look. Not to watch her. So she asked me to "Cover your Lady Goggles!" Holy Moley. I laughed my booty off. What a lovely night with my girls. They are my treasures. My silly little farts. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Scary Moobie

Quinny Roo was insistent about watching a scary kids show with the girls and cousin "Ten Ten" (Trenton). About 15 minutes later she comes strolling through the kitchen with her eyes wide looking straight foword and states with determination,

 "Nope. I'm done with that. That Moobie is too scary."


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Buggys Tummy Bug

"Mom! Good news! My tummy bug is almost gone!"

Really Buggy? I replied. 

"Yup! I've been toot'n away and he's almost out."

Smell Toys?

Walking into Walmart, Tristan states:
"Do I smell Toys? Yes, yes I do."