Monday, July 14, 2014

Sister Sue's Tooth.

Last night Tristan pulled a tooth. She was so excited for the Tooth Fairy to come. She ran upstairs and enclosed her little bloody bicuspid in a Ziplock bag with a note. 

"Dear Tooth Fairy, can you draw a picture of you?" - Love Tristan. 

No coins or candy. Just a simple hand written portrait...Adorbs. And the little flying fairy did just that, but she also left some pink pixie dust behind. The girls were so excited. They took turns sprinkling the glittering dust onto each others heads. Then they walked all over the house wide eyed and in amazement as they declared:

"Mom! I feel lighter! I can jump farther!" (Kaylee leaps across the room)

Thank you TF for the magical gift and memory you gave my curly girlies. 

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