Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Will Have Sweet Dreams Tonight.

Tonight as I was leaving the girls after tucking their little fuzzy heads in I notice that sister sue was sniffling. I asked her what was wrong and she said she wasn't crying because she was sad...she said, "You know why I am crying Mama? It's because I just love you. Remember last night (which could mean weeks, months, or years) when me, buggy, and you went to church and Daddy blessed baby Quinn? You cried and that's just what I'm doing." Wow. I forget that they understand and observe more than I think.

Then miss buggy says to me, "Mama when you get shot with an arrow in your bum you have to give that person a kiss." She proceeds to get out of bed and poke my bum and gives a cute little giggle. I did HAVE to give her a smooch for that. She tells me, "You know I'm never going to wipe that off." I wish I could freeze my little ladies right now. They are so sweet, say the darnest things, and think I'm sumthin' special. I know that as they grow that can change, but I am going to do my best to keep them close. We are all excited for our big slumber party tomorrow nite. They have been begging to sleep/snuggle with me in my big cozy bed. So I have given in and we are going to make a night of it. Books and stuffed animals in bed while poor sweet Craigers sleeps in their bed. He is cool with it really...gets a full nights rest without any interruptions from his little ladies or big lady.


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