Thursday, February 17, 2011

Slumber Party!

Yes we did it! Mama finally gave us our slumber party we have been begging for. Ok, so this is how it went; we brushed our teeth because Mama told us to and we don't want to get a cabity, that's a hole in your tooth and it can really hurt. Then we put on some seriously mismatched jim-jammers. Sister sue's shirt was even backwards and inside out...oh well. Mama said we could pick out a movie to watch on her compluter in bed. We all looked at our DVD's and each one of us wanted a different one. I wanted Alpha and Omega, but Mama said no because we have watched it 100 times. Sister sue wanted Beverly Hills Chihuahua and I did not, but I decided to be a nice sister and let her win. Mama said that was very thoughtful. We all hopped in Mama and Daddy's BIG soft bed and of course we put Mama in the middle. We watched our movie, Mama didn't make it and fell asleep at the middle, but sister sue and I watched the whole thing! Then we gave hugs & kisses, closed our little eyes, snuggled right up to mama and drifted off to dreamland. It was great!

-miss buggy

So I am not sure if you can imagine, but pretend you are holding an Oreo that is a little bit warm. Now take that cookie in your palms and push...can you imagine the cream getting seriously squished? Well, I was the cream filling at our little slumber party. Miss buggy and sister sue are warm, snugly, noisy, and quite funny little sleeping-buddies. I woke up to buggy laying on her back, fuzzy hair in my face, mouth open and snoring! It was so funny. Then a little bit later sister sue, who likes to sleep horizontally with her toes in my gut, started to laugh in her sleep. The kind of laugh that you do when you know you shouldn't and try to fight it off. Cracked me up. I didn't know my girls were so entertaining in their sleep. Even though I had two squiggly little heaters on both sides of me and I had to 'journey' over their bodies to reach the bathroom, I loved their sweet little spirits resting beside me.


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  1. Oh Zannykins you have the cutest little farts! Emma loved that they named they're bugs Emma. She also loved all the pictures and is now begging for a sleepover with them. We'll come see you soon!