Sunday, March 27, 2011

Awesome Sis!

I woke up to Sister Sue wide eyed, bushy tailed, and excited to tell me the super good news....she cleaned the Toy Room!! (miss buggy helped) She told me all about her adventures with Sheri, the babysitter who apparently can work magic, she got them clean their toy room, take a pretty awesome bubble bath, not pull each others hair out, and went to bed on time! Thank you Sher-Bear! The best part was when she told me about the bubble bath.

"Mom, we would make snowballs with the bubbles and just throw them at each other. And we make silly faces. The bubbles were humongous! And, I'm sorry, we got some of the bubbles on the floor but don't worry me and Kaylee just cleaned them up...(she said the next part right up in my face and in a quiet little voice with a smile)...and Sheri didn't even ask us to we just did it all by ourselves!"

awesome sis.

"I think Jesus would be happy."

yes he would.


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