Thursday, March 17, 2011


So for those of you that really know Craig you know his love for. . .Goblets. I am always keeping my out for a really Royal one wherever I go. And when I say 'Royal' I mean goddy, elaborate, and something you would see a Viking drink from over his giant leg of lamb with his fur coat and bushy beard. Well I found a turquoise one at Walmart for $1.59 and could totally see Craig gulping his royal morning shake from it. And he has. I told him it has become a hobby looking for more Goblets. He said he keeps his eye out for some as well. Just today as he was walking up the stairs he said: (in a 'Royal' voice)

" Keep ye eye out for thy Royal Goblet that I might drink from on thy Throne."

Dork. Never a dull moment with him around.


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