Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crazy Micky D Heads!

So our family loves Tuesday night because McDonalds has half price happy meals! Yippee! Sister Sue and I have our order down to a science. We always get the hamburgers minus the nasty little green pickle. I get the french fries and she gets the apple dippers and we put it all together. We dip 'our' fries in the caramel and eat the apples last. I think the fries and caramel combo kinda grosses Mama out. We LOVE it! Once we were all done eating Daddy, of course because he is just so silly, put his Happy Meal box on his head. We laughed and laughed and joined right in. Poor Quinn is so little you can't see her face, but we wanted her to wear one too because she is part of the family.

-miss buggy

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