Sunday, March 6, 2011

Head on Collision

I had to visit the school nurse last week. I was in P.E. playing 'chicks' and I ran into another girl named Hadley. She got a big bump on her head and I got a bloody nose and both of my front teeth knocked loose. I am hoping that the tooth fairy will give me something really good for this because it really hurt. I cried and cried, but the school nurse said I was really being brave and strong. I decided that I didn't want to finish and school and just wanted to go home with mama. She came and got me. She gave me a BIG hug and kiss and told me how accidents happen and that she has been hurt before too and then said how brave I was. I showed her my swollen nose, lip, and loose teeth and held back the tears. She said she knew just the thing that would help...a MILKSHAKE! Oh yes, I agreed. We went home made a raspberry milkshake with Grandma Nickels yummy jam. Mama sat me down on the couch, took off my shoes and gave my feet a little tickle or two, then read me lots of books. It all turned out to be OK after all.

-miss buggy

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