Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So this morning I was just waking up to the sweet sound of Daddy's LOUD shower. I was cooing, gooing, and slobbering all over my bed. I really like to sleep on my stomach these days. I am getting stronger, but I still have to really work hard to raise my head and use my arms to look up. I was actually talking pretty softly when I heard Mama say in a low voice, "Quinny..." I raised my head up lightening fast and said, "Huh!?" Mama laughed and laughed. She said that I sounded like the little baby on Tarzan when he sees the Mama Gorilla and that I raised up just like a deer when they hear a noise. In fact she KEPT laughing all morning about it. I guess I can be pretty funny and cute.

-rooty toots

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