Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who is your Best Friend?

I was having a 'picnic' with Sister Sue in the kitchen on the rug today and asking her how was school. She informed me it was "fine". She then went on to say how much fun she has there and that she loved going to school on her birthday because 'teacher' gave her a crazy cake to play with that was fake but looked so yummy. I then asked her who are her friends and she said, 'Everyone! But I really like Olivia." I asked if she was her Best Friend. She said, "Yes she is, but so is everyone. The whole Earth is my best friend. And YOU are my best friend!" (as she points a finger in my eye) Then we took a drink of our RED koolaid. Tris set her cup down and then looked at me with wide eyes and a wet rainbow of juice on her lip and said, "AAAAAAND. . .JESUS IS MY BEST FRIEND!!" Yes, she announced it loud and clear. I couldn't help but giggle and smile because that was pretty cute. She said that he is also her brother. Man, she is a smart little fart.


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