Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And it begins.

Miss buggy told me something rather alarming. I just picked her up for school and asked her the usual question, "Hey Bug? How was school?" She then went on to tell me, "At recess the boy with blue glasses just kissed me on the lips." Excuse me. I asked her why did this happen. Her response bothered me. "I just let him because he really wanted to and I want him to be my friend." YIKES! "Kaylee, you don't ever have to let anyone DO anything to you to be their friend. Being friends means just being yourself and having fun together. If anyone asks you to do something that you don't feel good about or you know isn't right you just be strong and tell them NO. Sometimes that might make that person mad or say they don't like you, but you are special and strong to say what is right. If you take good care of yourself then the BEST friends willl come." Maybe I made that a bit more serious than needs be, but I feel it's never too early to start letting your little girls know the importance of boundaries and self-worth.


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