Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Roo's Room - in process

yard sale frames painted white, letters wrapped in yarn.
2nd hand find, curtain valance that was too small-flipped makes a great bookshelf.

Love her happy lellow crib-free on craigslist! painting was painful though.

So here are a few pics of Rooty Toots room to date. Most everything was 2nd hand. Crib-FREE, afgan-$3.00, I have an old chandelier -$5- I am going to paint a vibrant pink, curtains to sew, an old dresser to fix up (color???), wall art on opposing wall to do...going to have a big canvas or wood with the words to her song (Close To You by the Carpenters), and a sweet birdcage to hang. . . so I really have a ways to go, but thus far here is her whimsy lair.

p.s. the owl's name is Hooty Toots :)


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