Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Silly Bits.

1. While driving in the car I get the usually questions hollered at me from way back in the Swagger Wagon. This one is from Sister Sue:

"Mom. Does Jesus know how we feel?"

Yes he does. He is also watching over us from Heaven. So you see, you will never ever be alone. Even when you feel like no one understands you...HE does.

2. The girls love the cartoon Kipper and Craig and I do as well. It's so mellow and sweet. That's not only the best part, the characters all talk in a British accent. So lovely. I can't help but talk like them once they start watching it. So as I am puttering about the house, talking to myself in my best accent, Tris tells me:

"Mom it sounds like you have abunch-abunch of burgers in your nose."

True. I would fancy a hanky.


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