Thursday, August 18, 2011


Poor Daddy. He just 'loves' it when mama does 'kissy pictures' on him. We sure do have a lot of fun teasing each other. Daddy may look like he doesn't want a smooch, but i know he likes it. Mama and daddy are best friends girls and I want you to know that your daddy is such an amazing man. He takes such good care of me. He makes me feel special and I know he loves me very much as I love him with all my heart. He is very unselfish. That means he thinks of me, and you, before himself. Like when there is only one cupcake left, he would give it to us before he would eat it for himself. That is being very unselfish. It is a wonderful quality that I hope you will obtain from watching him as you grow up. You know when I warm up your blankies in the dryer? How good does that feel when I wrap you up in them? That is how I feel when Daddy gives me hugs. How about the tickly butterflies you get in your belly on Christmas Eve...that is how I feel at about 4:30 every day because daddy gets home from work at 5. I do a lot of laughing with daddy too. We have so much fun together just him and I. I hope that you will find a man just like him to be your best friend, your Prince. If you do you will live a real fairy tale everyday.


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  1. So sweet Zanny. Isn't it the best to be married to your best friend?