Tuesday, December 6, 2011

14 months.

Right now I LOVE to stand on things; books, toys, my pink car, DVDs, plates, cups, and Daddy. It is just so much fun. I always smile so big when I do and start to talk in a higher pitch voice to announce to all my accomplishment. I know they are impressed because my family always claps. Which makes me smile even bigger! My best trick is standing on my pink car way up on the seat and I have to balance very carefully. Sure, i have taken my fair share of crashes, but I still keep trying. I am also really liking putting things over my head and around my neck, like a necklace. The other day Mama wouldn't let me sleep with her necklace, a piece of yellow pom pom trim from her sewing room, the camera case, and some odd little stringy thing i found lying around. I really was quite dashing.

- Roo

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