Thursday, December 8, 2011

How do you beat this...

I walk into Quinn's room as she is standing up in her crib singing her "It's morning and I'm Awake" song. She sees me and lights up like I'm Santa and her grin reaches from ear to ear. Her eyes almost shut her smile is so big and she lets out a joyful little baby sound, "geeeeeeeeeee!" I whisk her up and squeeze her while smothering her with smooches. I lay her down to change her diaper and give her the morning milk cocktail she demands. As she is gulping it down I continue to profess my love for her which makes her smile, but she won't stop drinking and so big rivers of milk come out the corners of her mouth and stream down her cheeks to who knows where. We continue this messy little smile/milk game a few more times and I realize I cherish these 'little' moments more than any big event.

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