Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The MEN's section

So I decided to be nice and help Craigers, because he doesn't have much time for shopping, and take the girls with me to buy him a new pair of boxers he needed. So off we go to Target. We enter the Heavenly Gates and head to back left corner of the store where I was about to discover that this little jot was a seriously bad idea. Have you ever seen the pictures on the Men's underwear/boxer packages?! As soon as I saw one package I was like, "Oh Crap! We gotta get outa here!" It was tooo late. The girls were giggling and running about all the isles pointing, screaming, and gasping . I was trying to gather them up and send them over to the shoes while I hurried and found the correct pair for Craig. My efforts were useless. The new discovery was too intriguing for my threats. I know the following is a little vulgar, but this is what they said:

Sister Sue:
"Kaylee!!! Come look at this boy! He's wearing panties like us!"

"Mommy is that his wee wee?" (Lord help me and forgive me.)

Eyes squinting and face a little too close "It's so big." (AHHHHH!! NO! NO! She did NOT just say that!)

(Reading on a Cartoon pair)"Too Hot To Handle? Mom what does that mean?

Bug & Sis:
"Oh Mommy you gotta see this! This boy is wearing tiger panties!"

OK...Time to go. I grabbed a pair and decided that if they were the wrong kind Craig would have to just fine the time and exchange them. I was speed walking to the other side of the store as my two curly heads giggled and giggled about their new discovery. Oh dear! I then had to keep reminding them to be ladies and talk about something more proper. As they are bouncing back and forth off of each other bending over with laughter and barely able to walk they say:

"Oh Mom we can't. hehehe. Those boys were just so funny!"

So I suggested that to help them they could sing a song...quietly. So it started out innocent, but quickly turned into jibberish about a boy and his underwear. I had a few smiles and giggles from strangers that were in earshot of their crazy song. At one point this 'boy' in their song was lost in the store and couldn't find his underwear. Oh man...did I ever learn my lesson. I still can't believe I didn't think of that before. Oh well, I guess all I can do is laugh about it now.


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  1. that. is. awesome!!!!!! i love it. what a way to spend the afternoon. write about that in their remembrance books and bring it out when their dates come over. can we say, payback!!!!!! yesterday livy and i were walking down the girly aisle and she found a pretty pink package of tampons, grabbed them off the shelf, hugged them and said, "oh, mommy this is so nice for me. can i have them?" of course a 20 something young man was walking by at the same time and burst out laughing. i told livy she could have it in 10 years. gotta love those mommy moments.