Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4 old memories

So I was cleaning out a Tupperware from our move and found a piece of a paper with some little stories I jotted down so that I could save and remember. Good thing I put in a 'special hiding place'.


Today Miss Buggy and I sang with our Primary in frnt of EVERYONE. We sang "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home." (but we didn't know the words very well) Mama says she use to sing that song too when she was little like us. In the middle of the song I took off my shoe and held it up in the air, along with my foot, and whispered in my LOUD whisper voice:
"Mom! Look! My oweys all better!"
I think everyone heard me though, there was a lot of giggles.

-sister sue


Today Mama leaned over and whispered in my ear that if I ever wanted to go up and talk about how much I love my family, Heavenly Father, and Jesus that I could. She told me it's when I bare my Testimony. I really really wanted to. So Daddy took me up and I did such a good job. I was smiling ear to ear when I came back down. I did talk about how much I loved my family and my cat Dougy. When I sat back down by Mama she gave me a hug and asked me how I felt. I just said one thing .... "I feel warm." She told me that is what it feels like when we feel the Spirit, not the horse, like the Holy Ghost. Tristan went up too and we were all shocked because she can be really shy sometimes. She did a really good job too and when she was done she pointed to me up on the stand and said in a whisper in the mic..."Mom wait...and I love Kaylee." Mama and Daddy said their Testimonies that day too! I got lots of hugs from the friends in my Ward. It was a good day.

-miss buggy


While driving down the road I pass by a freshly "expired" skunk and know immediately that my "smeller", Sister Sue, will not pass this by without a comment.
"Mom! I smell...sniff snifff....Cheese....sniff...sniff...and a Fart."
"Yes sis, that's a dead skunk."



I took the girls with me to run errands when I was like 12 months prego with Quinn...bad idea. They had worn me out after 1 store. I hit my final spot, Kinkos, to make copies. I had only like 300 to make! Can you say GENIUS idea? blerg. I was trying so hard to hurry and all I could do was break up fights and push copy, break up fights and push copy, break up fights and push copy. Needless to say I hit my breaking point. Kaylee was just 'on one' with Tris.

sister sue looks up and down the front of her shirt...
"But Mom, I don't have any buttons."
miss buggy looks up and down tris's shirt and replies:
"Ya Mom, she doesn't have any buttons on that shirt."



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