Friday, April 15, 2011

"Oh Daddy.."

So Daddy is taking us camping this weekend! We are SO EXCITED!! Mama says it should interesting since the weatherman says it's going to rain. This morning while getting ready for work Daddy was telling us all the awesome things we are going to do,
"Girls we are gonna cook marshmallows over the fire! Throw rocks in the water! Sleep in our sleeping bags! etc....."
Then he disappears for awhile. Minutes later he reappears with a plastic bag and says,
"Girrrllzzzz! Wanna see what we're gonna eat for dinner tonight while we are camping?"
"YA! YA! YA!"
We yelled as we jumped up and down.
He opens the bag and we look inside.....
"Dougy's Poop and Quinn's Diapers!(used and full mind you) Mmmm...look there are 3 diapers, one for each of us. We're gonna roast them over the fire!"
"Oh Daddy! That's disgusting."
. . . . . Boys.

-miss buggy & sister sue

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