Sunday, June 12, 2011

i'm a big girl!

So i am going to be 9 months at the end of the month! Can you believe it! Mama says I'm just growing way too fast, but I am pretty happy about it really. I have been practicing and practicing sitting up all by myself and it's been pretty tough. I keep falling back and that scares me and hurts my fuzzy little head. Mama tries to catch me though. I have also been trying to tackle crawling. Somehow i keep going backwards. My family thinks it's pretty funny when i get myself stuck under the TV, dresser, crib, and many other objects, personally i get pretty frustrated. I then tried scooting on my belly like an army dude and that worked pretty well. Soon after that i tried propping up on my tippy toes, but then i just made a bridge. So i decided to try out my chubby knees and then i really liked that. Rock and roll baby! Even though that was really fun i couldn't go get those shiny little objects though, plan E. This is the best idea ever! On June 5'th i tried moving my hands and then telling my knees to follow. WINNER! I can go anywhere and pick anything I want now! This is great...and Daddy says I am a "Champion" at sitting up now too. I have to admit it all took lots of practice and hard work, but it paid off. I am unstoppable now. p.s. I have also mastered cheering for myself..."clap, clap, clap, eeeeeeeeee!"


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  1. What a big girl! YAY for Rooty Toots. Cutest baby shoes EVER.