Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Campers.

Bug is giving her best "camping pose".

(click to see all the wholesome goodness they consumed.)

Sissy and her first RAINBOW TROUT!

Craig has been taking the girls out on overnight camping adventures and they LOVE it! He was so cute and bought all the stuff they don't get to eat regularly and they were overjoyed. Little did I know that was it...i mean they weren't just snacks or treats...that was their meals!! YIKES! Can you guess what happened? One of the little campers (friends that went with the girls) got sick. Puked 3 times in the night = messy jammies, messy sleeping bag, his daddy washing it in the river then sleeping in all his clothes to stay warm as his sick little boy sleeps in HIS bag, oh dear. The next day I guess he had a few bouts of the runs too. I felt so bad for him, Craig and Phil. They wanted to make it soo fun for the kids by letting them eat all that 'fun' stuff. I guess they all learned the importance of moderation in all things. They still had fun, Tris was super excited to tell everyone that she caught a "RAINBOW TROUT MOM!" She even called her Grandma to tell her the awesome news. Craigers is such a fabulous thoughtful daddy. I know it's hard work and he does it because he knows how much is pleases the girls and makes them happy. What a STUD.


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