Friday, September 16, 2011

Buggy's Birthday!!

Aren't birthday the best?! I LOVE birthdays...mine, yours, everyone's! This year for Bug's big day Tristan and I put balloons all over her in bed while she was sleeping and then sang happy birthday to wake her up. It took a few times to arise her from her deep slumber, but once we did she sat up and looked at all the birthday balloons and with her wild bed head fro looked at us and said, "It's my birthday now?" Yep buggy today's the day! I was about to take her picture and she was worried about her hair and so she smoothed it down (didn't change much). Then we headed out to open presents. She got a bike from her dad and I, the Lalaloopsy Tree House she really wanted from Grandma Nickels who was there for a visit, raccoon calico critter family from Tris, and Cinderella Squinkies from Roo. Once all the gifts where opened she looked around and them with the most pleasant and pleased smile and said...
"Oh Mom....this is so romantic."


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