Friday, September 16, 2011


So Quinny is walking all over the place. She started doing it nonstop on the 9'th of September. It's kinda hard to watch how many times she slams down on her bum, but that doesn't stop her...she refuses to crawl anymore. She doesn't bend her knees and holds her arms and hands in such a way that she kinda resembles Godzilla or a T-Rex. Pretty hilarious. Craig calls her T-Rex because she walks around squawking and destroying everything in her path. The other day she had a 'blow-out' during her nap and he had to clean her up. It was the worst she has ever had....hehe. And she did it for him while I was at the store...(good girl) Once he cleaned her up and tore apart her bedding he went back to his 'work' on the computer, you know, making sure ESPN and FOX NEWS didn't crash. I come home a few minutes later and asked him where the heck the baby was. He jumps up and realized then he really hadn't been keeping track of her. We find her in our bathroom sitting in a puddle of water from the Cat bowl with kitty food floating and bloating all around her, the bad of food is dumped out all over her and both fists are full of it. And to top it off she also has a mouth full and the worst 'kitty breath' ever. After a wrestling match to release the food from her deadlock fists and an intense operation of finger scooping to get her 'lunch' out, she gets a drink of water and a lovely bubble bath...where she decides to have a snack and eats all the bubbles. I had to get a picture of that. Then I kindly reminded Craig that I would NOT be cleaning up the 'other' mess and that he would have the privilege of doing that all on his own.


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