Friday, September 16, 2011

Confused girls.

-I woke up to some clanking and slamming at 3:15 this morning. Of course I was a little frightened. Then Tristan Sue comes stumbling out of my bathroom and walks up to my bed and says, "Mom...are we going boating today?" I told her no and then she said she just had to get a drink and then went into the kitchen and got a cereal bowl then came back into my bathroom and filled it up, got a drink, then went peeps in the potty. Crazy kid was so out of it.

-Kaylee comes into the kitchen panting and mumbling about how thirsty she is. She grabs a bowl and I ask her what is she doing. She tell me there is no cups and I tell her to check the dishwasher. She goes over and starts to open it, "But Mom are you sure these are done cookin'?" I had to chuckle and tell her that yes, they are done 'cookn''.


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