Friday, November 4, 2011

Kind Heart.

Tristan in formed me 2 beautiful little stories the past 2 weeks:

1. After picking up the girls from the bus Tristan was very excited to tell me something that had happened at school, I could totally tell because her big brown eyes get even bigger. She told me that, "Today a girl in my class was so sad and scared when her mom dropped her off at school and she was just crying and crying and was just so sad and so I went over to her and held her hand and told her it was ok. And Mom, she stopped crying!" My heart swelled with happiness.

2. Another bus pick up big eyed holy cow you gotta hear this right now story from sis, "Mom! Today at recess this boy from my class asked this girl, "Hey can I play with you" and he said it in a nice voice and then she said in really mean voice, "No!" and so he asked me and told him Sure. I just never say no and let everyone play with me." I told her that probably made that little boy feel so happy and special. And maybe that little girl who said No saw and heard you and since you were such a good example she might be nicer next time. I am so proud of you and how did you feel when you were nice to him, "Really good." she said. I also told her that Jesus was probably smiling so big when she did that.


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