Friday, November 4, 2011

A Good Report.

We went to PTC the other night and got 2 WONDERFUL reports on Bug and Sis.

Tristan's teacher, Mrs. Parke who is such a lovely lady, said that she is so sweet and yes a little shy, but sooo smart. She said she isn't one to raise her hand very much, but when she does call on her she knows she will have the right answer. She is excelling in many areas for her age. She is very kind to the other kids in class and everyone wants to be her friend. Mrs. Parke also said that Tris is usually the last one to turn in a worksheet because she takes to much time on it and wants it to be just perfect and so Mrs. Parke LOVES to review her work. We were happy little Kindergartner parents.

Mrs. Allen is Kaylee Bug's first grade teacher. She too had wonderful wonderful things to say about her progress. The grading system was different than the typical A B C D. "Meets" is equal to an A and then "Excels" is higher than an A. Bug had all "Meets" and "Excels" in: Physical Education, Music, Addition, Number Sense, Sequencing, and Homework. She also added with a smile how much she enjoys her quirkiness. How creative and fun she is. She showed me one assignment that she had done to kinda show that, the children were given a sheet of paper and told to write 3 sentences about an elephant and then a picture. Kaylee was the only one that wrote it as if she was the elephant: "I am an elephant." "I am gray." "I eat nuts." And of course the picture was darling and the elephant had 'sparkle eyes' (big curly eyelashes).

-mama and daddy

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