Friday, November 4, 2011

Sleep Over With Grandma Jelly Beans

Tristan asked to go spend the day with Grandma Jelly Beans the other day. I was more than happy to make that happy. When sissy was little she was soooo shy towards everyone. She just wanted me and wouldn't hardly talk nor look at anyone, including her Grandmas. So sad. Grandma Jelly Beans wanted so much to just hug, talk, and play with her, but she had to wait until she was ready. I always felt so bad, but knew that it was just a phase and when she was ready it would happen. Tris has always been such a sweet tender heart and I knew she always loved her family and especially her Grandmas because she would talk about them and want to go visit them, but once she got there she would freeze up. With age she has gotten more comfortable and now does just great. So any opportunity, especially when she asks, I love to have you have one and one time. By about 6:00 pm I was beginning to wonder if she had decided to move in! When I called to check on her she talked me ear off about all the neat things she got to do with Grandma and Papa Jelly Beans; worked in the garden, found a daddy, mama, and big sister worm family and made them a home, discovered and saved some special rocks, played dominoes with Papa, watched her first Shirley Temple movie, watched Grandma make a HUGE blanket, built a fort with boxes, picked me some flowers for me (she always does that when she goes to their house), and planted some flowers. Then she asked if she could have a sleepover. SURE! I brought her a bag and of stuff and chatted for a bit and then gave her hugs and kisses goodnight. The next day she said that the kitty, who is seldom even seen by anyone because she is soooo shy, actually slept on the bed with Tris and she said that the kitty would rub her head in Tristan's hand. I guess those two little shy ones bonded. It was a wonderful experience and she said she wants to do it again and again and again. She said she wants to stay next time for like 10 sleeps.


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