Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Miss Grandma Nickels

The other night I woke up with tears coming down my cheeks and was just crying and crying. I went downstairs and crawled into bed with mom and dad. Mom woke up and heard me crying. She snuggled up to me and asked what was wrong and if I had a bed dream. I told I didn't have a bad dream I just miss Grandma Nickels so much. I said I hope nothing happens to her because I love her. Then i went on to tell mama everything I love and miss about her:

1. Her bootiful house that has so many bright lights that makes her hair so bootiful and shiny.
2. She's just so pretty.
3. She has yummy yummy waffles (Eggos).
4. I love to play with her horses.
5. She prints out pictures on her compluter for us to color.
6. She lets us play on the couch.
7. In the morning when she turns lights on it's just perfect.
8. I just miss her so much. I miss her whole body.

Mama said she talked to Grandma and she is going to come visit me in a few sleeps. Oh thank you so much mama!

-sister sue

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