Friday, November 4, 2011

Mama's Phone.

A few weeks ago I found mama's cellphone, which I LOVE with all my heart. I saw that Mama was busy typing on the computer and at first I tried to 'help' mama with her work by typing for her, but she didn't like that. So I decided to take her phone and play with that. As I waddled around the house looking for something to do with my new little friend, belly button pushed out leading the way, I saw the toilet. I LOVE the toilet! Now usually I just splash and play in the water, but today I decided to teach 'my friend' how to swim. After I dropped her in and she didn't rise I got bored and waddled to something new to chew and slobber on. Mama did call my name about an hour later, "Quinny! You little stinker!" I don't know what that means, but I just love my mama so much that I had to find her. And you know what? She was at the toilet I had previously been playing in. I quickly waddled over and gave her a big smile and a hug. She hugged me back and smooched and smooched my head and told me, "Your lucky you're so cute."

After that day I didn't see mama's phone anymore. Bummer. She tried to actually give me one that looked just like hers, but it was broken and so I didn't want to play with it. But the other day she started talking on this reeeeeeally cool white one that looked expensive and super high-tech. She keeps tap, tap, tapping it. I can tell she really likes it because she won't ever share it with me. hmmm...wonder why?

-rooty toots

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