Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wet Smooches.

Oh Rooty you have been toot'n around the house while I work on a video of Kaylee Bug for her Baptism and it's taking a lot of time.  I feel bad not being able to sit down and play with you or read you books. You love "Goodnight Moon" and "Oh David".  I do take breaks, but I still wish I could give you all the attention.  You are pretty interested in "Little Einsteins" movies right now and so that is helping 'babysit' you as well.  I think you are fighting a little cold because you have lotsa lotsa snots! Bluh! So I was just sitting here working and you came sneaking around the corner with that sweet little innocent face.  Looking right at me as you walk carefully closer and in a soft little 'nasally' whisper, "Mama.....Mama?" I said, "Yes, Quinny?" You pushed your sweet little pink SLIMY lips out and came in for a big smooch. I couldn't resist. I closed my eyes and braced myself for a big WET one. I thanked you profusely and as soon as you turned away to toddle off....I WIPED that lovely kiss off onto a special little tissue to save for later.

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