Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Kaylee Bug is getting ready for her baptism this Saturday.  She practiced last night with Daddy. He gave a really nice lesson about why and what it means to be baptized. I felt like I learned something. She hasn't been talking about how excited she is to have all her family and friends over for a big luncheon, which suprises me because it's practically like a HUGE party.  She has been talking about how excited she is to be baptised. To have "all my sins washed away". I have to chuckly slightly inside because what sins does she have? I know the meaning of it and I really think that she totally 'gets it'. She is also really happy she gets to have a blessing from her Dad that will give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. She really wants a 'guide' to help her "make good choices and stay out of danger". Cute. Here is a drawing she did after our little Family Home Evening. Her and Daddy at her Baptism.

After our lesson the girls really wanted to play a game and so we played Pictionary. It was hilarious! We split into teams: Mama & Sis, Daddy & Bug....Roo went in her room to conduct further research on...well...who knows. We would tell eachother what to draw.  Just whatever came into our heads. One time Tris whispered to me, "! Draw Dougy turning on the lights!" That one was a toughy.  Then Tris decided to draw one on her own...can you guess what it is???

(Her eating a taco with french fries and a hamburger....OF COURSE!)

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