Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happyness Tears.

Tristan, you asked me the other day if I was going to cry at Buggy's baptism.  I said that yes I most likely would. Than you asked, "Is it because you're just so happy not sad?" And I agreed that is precisly why. I than asked if you had ever cried from being so happy. "YES!" you exclaimed. So you told me the few times you had:

1.  "One time when I was staying at Aunt Gina's we went hiking up the mountain and Abby got lost. We couldn't find her and we were calling and calling her name.  I felt really sad and really scared.  So I just said a little prayer to Heavenly Father to ask him to help us.  And then we saw Abby come back and I started to cry because I was so happy to see her.

2. "The other night you stayed up in our room at bedtime and sang us some songs to go to sleep.  You're voice was so lovely and I was so happy I started to get tears in my eyes."

3.  "When I was looking at my special books (photobooks) and seeing me as a baby it made me so happy I wanted to cry."

4.  "Yesterday I was the "Library Hero" and got a certificate and a sucker.  That's for being so quiet, for listening, and doing what your teacher and the librarian tells you to. Mrs. Weise (librarian) gave me a pat on the back and said "Congratulations" and my teacher smiled at me and said "Good Job Tristan" and then the WHOLE class clapped and cheered for me and I was so proud of myself...I had a tear run down on my cheek."

Soooo sweet.  You went on the rest of the day saying out loud, "Oh I am just so proud of myself!" And asking me if I was still proud of you. I said yes yes yes. And I am proud of you Sister Sue. You little heart has such a desire to do what is right, follow the rules, be obedient, and to make others proud of you. Every night you pray to ask Heavenly Father to help you "be a good student and listen to my teacher" and YOU bring me all your homework and reading to be done! You tell me how your teacher will look at you when no one else is watching and just give you a nice big smile. She does that because she is so happy to have you as her student. It's wonderful that you do your best to listen, get your work done, be polite, and follow ALL the rules, but you know what?? She smiles at you too because she loves the beautiful person you kind, sweet, silly, happy, caring and such an honest young girl. AND even if you ever broke the rules, was noisy and got in trouble, or made a mistake...she, I, and your Dad would NOT STOP LOVING YOU!!! There is nothing you could ever do to change that. We all make mistakes and THAT'S OK! We love you very must Tristan are so very special.

-mama and dad

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