Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quinny - 2 yrs.

Here a few little things about you Roo I want to remember:

1. "Good nigh-nights!"
2. You call a sandwich a "Sammy!"
3. When you want a drink you say, "Mama Drinking?" You also call rain "drinking".
4. When some one toots you ask them "go poopies" or "go poo poo"?
5. Your best friend is Albany, but her nickname is Bunny. YOU call her "Bubby". And you ask to go see her everyday. You just love your little friend so much.
6. When we eat lunch together you say "Mama sit?" And then pat the bench right next to you.  We sit and eat together as we play the same game; you take a drink and with your words echoing in the cup tell me "Mama drinking" and then we take a long drink together and then slam our cups down and say "Ahhhh.." followed by joyful sounds and giggles from you. You LOVE to do that.
7. Anytime you are eat/drink/play something you really like you want to share it with me. You really love suckers and ask for one daily.  You have even climbed up on the piano then onto the kitchen counter and got into the cookie jar to find one! Stinker! But when you do get one you take a few happy sucks and then offer me some. So sweet Roo.
8. You call cars "bye bye's".
9. You LOVE your Grandmas and Papas. You ask to go see them all the time. Or you will bring me my phone and say "see Gra-ma n Papa?".
10. You are just plain SILLY! You put bowls on your head and then say in a low voice with your face fighting back a big smile, "Mama...mama." I will look at you and then you can't take it anymore and start laughing and smiling ear to ear.
11. You just so sweet and happy.  It's been said many many times that you such an 'easy' baby. You have always been. You are like a big bright ray of sunshine and I am LOVING every minute of it.  Somedays a fight tears because I don't want you to grow up, but then I realize how wonderful it is to see your blossom.  To see your personality grow, hear your cute little voice make words, and I get excited for you to join in on the family fun.
12. By the way I LOVE that your look a lot like my baby pictures. We get told all the time that you look just like me. Best compliment for me EVER!
13. You say "lucky!" for yucky. So funny when you walk up and pat your bum and tell me "poopy. lucky mama." I wouldn't say I was lucky Roo. :)
14. You are always saying "Sigh-ee" (sorry). If my big booty bumps you as I bend over you will say, "oh, sigh-ee." So cute. I always hit this pothole by the church and you say it then too.
15. Whenever someone leaves you try to say 'have a good day!' and it comes out, "Gi-Day!" You sound like Aunt Atty.
16. For some reason, Daddy and I don't have a clue why, but you are very scared of the movie Baby Santa from the Baby Einsteins collection. Now everytime we turn one on you run to us and say, "scary, scary!" and we hold you with your face buried in your neck until you can hear and see that it is a different one. You love the one with the silly fish that startles you. Gets you everytime!
17. You really love Little Einsteins right now. You pat your legs and say all the stuff with them. So cute. You also love Care Bears and smile and giggle whenever they come on.



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